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Curious layman discovers something about health that even the best trained medical doctors don’t have a clue about...

Discover the One-Minute Secret that will help you and your loved ones enjoy greater health and recover quicker from injury & illness with a new technique that is so safe and simple...  a child can do it!

  • If you’re having difficulty recovering from an illness or injury...
  • If someone you care about is suffering and you’re feeling powerless to help...
  • If you’re already involved in the health or healing profession and would like to see your clients get even better results...
  • If you’d just like to experience the incredibly satisfaction of being able to assist those in need...
  • If you’d simply like to feel less stress and greater vitality in your life...
  • And you'd like to be able to do all these things in as little as One Minute...

I Can Help...

Hello -

My name is Christer Carlson, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably suffered from your fair share of bumps and bruises in life.  Perhaps you or someone you know has even had it much worse than that.  Trust me, I know how you feel…

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in and out of doctors’ offices like they had a revolving door.  Whether it was my frequent and bad colds, excruciating earaches & sinus infections, pneumonia, multiple operations or the dozens of stitches from all the tumbles I took, it seemed like I spent as much time in the hospital as I did in my own room.  If they had a “Customer of the Month” my picture probably would have been on permanent display.


My poor mother must have wondered if I’d ever make it to adulthood!


Well, we’re both very happy that I did – and despite all the challenges, there were some wonderful gifts that came out of those experiences as well!

You see, those tough times also left me with a deep desire to understand how the human body worked regarding health and disease.  They also left me with a tremendous compassion for people who are suffering as a result of illness or trauma in their life.


And here’s the best gift of all…


Because of all those days of misery, AND my insatiable desire to do something about them, I eventually developed what I believe to be the SIMPLEST and FASTEST method possible for helping to unleash the immense healing power of the human body…


It’s called Cross+Lynk® … and I’m ready to share it with YOU!  

I came home from work one Friday night and was quickly overcome by horrible flu-like symptoms, including a fever and intense nausea. I felt so badly that I immediately had to lay down on the couch. For the last two decades this has happened to me several times per year and has invariably led to weeks of illness and recovery each time.

A friend offered to give me a Cross+Lynk® session. I was extremely skeptical because this pattern of illness has repeated itself so often...but I finally agreed. The whole session didn't even take two minutes and I was stunned at the difference I felt. The nausea disappeared completely! Though I still felt some fever, I was able to get up again and get some things accomplished that night. Most importantly, I was completely well again but Sunday!  

Since then I have been using Cross+Lynk® on a regular basis and I have had only one brief bout of illness this last year. This one-time skeptic has become a believer! 

Philip Cullin, Professional Musician - Ocean Beach, CA

It goes without saying that being sick is no fun at all! Anyone who has suffered through an illness or injury knows what it’s like to want relief in the most desperate way.

Of course, your first step should be to seek out a qualified medical doctor when anything goes wrong, and I sincerely hope that’s the only place you need to look to find the help you need.

But, as dedicated and caring as most doctors are, medical science simply doesn’t have all the answers… and any good doctor will be the first to admit that.  Sometimes they are just unable to help, and that’s what ultimately prompted me to start looking for answers in other places.


Before I go on, let me make myself perfectly clear!


I’m not here to put down the medical profession in any way.  Medical doctors have helped me on numerous occasions.  In fact, many years ago I suffered a severe, traumatic injury that would have surely killed me if not for the dedication and skill of some amazing doctors and surgeons.  I am eternally grateful for everyone that helped me during those desperate hours.


But there were other times in my life when nothing they did seemed to help. 


When I was a kid, I spent years on a constant cycle of antibiotics and other powerful medicines prescribed to me by my doctors… and few of them did me any good at all!


In fact, based on what we know today, that constant stream of drugs may have actually been making my problems worse!


Perhaps you’ve experienced similar frustrations with standard medical treatments and are wondering if there is some other option available out there.

Something that...

  • Is completely safe and non-invasive…
  • Doesn’t involve drugs or surgery…
  • Won’t cost you an arm and a leg…
  • Takes only a short time to learn and perform…

And something that...

  • Works with your body’s innate ability to heal itself!

Well Now There Is!

In the new Cross+Lynk® eBook you’ll learn about ...

  • A vital component of health and healing that the medical profession has been ignoring for decades... and why you can’t afford to ignore it any longer!
  • The single biggest thing that gets in the way of your ability to heal... It’s NOT a bad diet or lack of exercise, but it IS self-inflicted. From now on you’ll know what it is and what to do about it.
  • The new, man-made influences that are impacting our health in negative ways... Some of these “enemies of health” didn’t even exist when our grandparents were young... but now you can help neutralize them in a way that your grandparents couldn’t even dream of.
  • A simple test you can perform anywhere that will quickly reveal if you’re holding on to excess stress in your body. You might not even know you’re doing it but the long-term impact on your health can be devastating.
  • Two critical components of your nervous system and the reason it’s absolutely vital to your health that they work in harmony. The problem is that they often don’t and so many of us suffer as a result... but you CAN correct this in a matter of seconds.

It’s been a real eye opener to use Cross+Lynk® as a pain relieving and energy balancing tool. My wife recently had knee replacement surgery and the first phase of recovery took nearly eight weeks. She was still experiencing some pain in her knee and the nerve pain in her calf and ankle made it very difficult for her to sleep comfortably. I applied your simple technique and was delighted to see that it gave her relief and relaxation. Thank you for this wonderful tool that is so simple and effective.  What a gift!

Richard Crawford, Emmy® Award-winning Filmmaker - La Jolla, CA

Actually, there are many great options to standard medical treatments.  Some, like acupuncture, have been around for thousands of years and have proven their effectiveness in clinical studies.  In more recent times, many people have found relief through chiropractic.  

I have benefitted greatly from these techniques myself and I encourage anyone who is not finding success with the standard medical approach to give them a try.

But they still require intense periods of study and large financial investments to learn.  Not everyone has the time, money and/or interest in spending years in acupuncture school or chiropractic college.  I know I didn’t.

There are also other alternative therapies that have been known to show great results.  Many of these are available to the layman with a much more reasonable investment of time and cost.


Personally, I think this is fantastic!


I have learned some of these techniques in the past and continue to explore this knowledge today.  Every one of them offers a slightly different perspective and, the more we can learn about the workings and potential of the human body, the better for us all.  

But in all the years I’ve been studying and using a wide variety of these methods, I can promise you that I’ve never come across a technique that is as quick & easy to learn and use as Cross+Lynk®


So, you probably want to know… 

What is Cross+Lynk® and what makes it work?


Let me start by answering the second question first.  The basic principle behind Cross+Lynk®, and many other natural healing methods, is the understanding that the human body has the innate ability to heal itself.  

If you’ve ever cut your finger or scraped your knee, what do you do to fix it?  Normally, you clean it off, place a bandage over it and… you wait

What do you wait for?  Your body’s natural healing ability to run its course.  

The cut on your finger doesn’t heal because of the soap and water or the bandage.  Sure, they can help speed up the process by keeping dirt and infection away, but the actual healing is done from within. That’s the way our bodies work!

We are designed to remain healthy as long as that natural process is allowed to work!


Wait a minute!  If that’s the case, why is it that so many people are sick and suffering?

That’s a great question and the full answer is very complex.  There are so many factors at play in this equation and we’re not even close to understanding them all yet.  But the simple answer is that there are many things that can impede that innate healing ability we all posses.  Some are out of our control but others are well within our reach to assist or reverse.  

The fact is, in many cases we are our own worst enemy when it comes to health, and that brings us back to the first part of the question… 

What is Cross+Lynk®?

In short, it’s a very simple and effective method for bringing balance back to the nervous system so that this innate healing ability can start working at full strength again – something it’s rarely in a position to do for reasons I explain in the book.

I sometimes refer to Cross+Lynk® as “The One-Minute Healer” but the truth is that neither the technique nor the person applying it is doing the healing.  So don’t think you need any special, magic powers to make this work.  

Your only job is to follow a simple, scientifically validated process that helps the person you’re working on relax and activate their own innate healing ability.

What happens after that is a completely unique experience for each person based on whatever their particular health issues are.  

In sharing his personal story and years of experience with using Cross+Lynk®, Christer Carlson is giving thousands of people the precious gift of restoring balance in their lives and helping to heal themselves and those around them.  I have experienced this soothing gift first hand and can recommend it to everyone.

Monika Petrillo, Film/TV Script Supervisor & Director - South Pasadena, CA

The true power of Cross+Lynk® lies in its universality.


Unlike the medical profession that treats most ailments as completely unrelated events, Cross+Lynk® looks at the body as a whole and determines only one thing:

You’re either in an optimum state to be healing or you’re not!


As I said before, this is the same principle that many alternative health methods are based on.  The biggest difference is that Cross+Lynk® can help achieve that state faster and easier than the other methods currently available.

Please understand…

Cross+Lynk® makes no claims to heal or treat any specific disease or illness.


It would be both unethical and untrue to assert that.  I never try to guess how an individual will respond after I apply the technique to them, and neither should you. 

What I do know is that I have seen amazing things happen time and time again.

Many years ago I started experiencing an intense, sharp pain in my heel and it became extremely difficult to walk.  At first the pain would come and go but over the following year I started feeling it daily.  Having been a competitive athlete my entire adult life, I couldn’t take it anymore.  My primary physician referred me to a specialist who diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis.  After taking x-rays, the specialist wanted to start with steroid injections as a first round of treatment and described surgery as a possible option down the line.  I wasn’t thrilled with either choice but the pain was becoming unbearable so I had to do something.  

Around this time I met Christer socially and we started to become friends.  One day I was explaining my dilemma and he described a new technique he was researching.  He was honest and said he didn’t know if it would help but offered to give it a try if I was interested.  I had pretty much resigned myself to starting the injections in a few days but took up his offer and received a quick Cross+Lynk® session that night.  To my astonishment, the pain was completely gone the next morning!  

I was a bit skeptical at first and thought it might just be temporary but days turned to weeks and the pain never returned.  Many years have passed since that day and my heel has been completely pain free.  I never received any other medical treatments nor did I alter any of my habits or exercise routines.  I can’t explain exactly how or why Cross+Lynk® worked for me but there’s no doubt in my mind that it did.

Michael Bender, Insurance Investigator - Carlsbad, CA

In this book you’ll also learn …

  • The 4 points on every body that Cross+Lynk® focuses on, and exactly what to do with them to rapidly transform a person from a state of “Fight or Flight” to the opposite state of “Rest and Repair” ...
  • Two simple “before & after” tests that will provide the user with concrete proof that physical changes have taken place in the body. This will also be the test to assure you that the procedure was done correctly ...
  • The optimum position for a person to be in when receiving a Cross+Lynk® session, but why it’s also perfectly okay to use other options when necessary ...
  • How your body’s healing ability can be severely affected by your thought patterns, and what this technique can do to help ...
  • Why a “disease” that affects more than one-quarter of the adult population is actually a completely normal response under certain conditions. Start addressing the possible cause of this problem and those pills you’ve been taking, along with their nasty side effects, might might no longer be needed ...
  • Why I spent thousands of dollars on an FDA approved medical device to test the effectiveness of this technique... and the ASTONISHING RESULTS it revealed! ...
  • How it is virtually impossible to harm someone while using Cross+Lynk®, but there are a few important things to consider before and after the session to insure the complete safety and comfort of everyone involved ...
  • The simple “breathing” technique that reduces the duration of a standard Cross+Lynk® session to less than one minute, and why this should be no problem for more than 90% of the people you work with. (Even without that, it’s only about two minutes long!) ...
  • And much, much more ...

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But what if you’re already feeling healthy and full of vibrant energy?


What possible use can Cross+Lynk® be to you?

Well, have you ever wondered what it would be like to give the gift of healing to someone you care about?  

I can tell you from personal experience that it is one of the most rewarding and humbling feelings I've ever had.

Even if you’re the picture of health and vitality, have you ever felt frustrated when ...

  • Your partner or spouse is reeling from pain?
  • Your child is crying out for help and comfort?
  • A parent is suffering from the ailments of getting older?
  • A friend is looking for relief from an illness?


… and you feel completely powerless to help them?!

What if you could have that power at your fingertips with a technique that you can call on anytime, anyplace, 24/7


for the rest of your life?!

We were amazed how Cross+Lynk® lives up to it's motto – it truly can bring balance to your life without crazy diets or expensive drugs. And, the quality of the product is better than any thing we've ever purchased online. You won't be disappointed!

Tim & Linda Brown, Nashville, TN

By now you might be wondering how I ended up on this path?


Let me go back a little… all the way to when I was still in high school.  

I’ve already mentioned that I dealt with a lot of illness when I was young.  Despite all that, I still managed to grow into a strong young man.  I don’t mean to brag but I was an all-state athlete and was being courted by several universities to play sports.

Like most athletes, I also dealt with my share of injuries and at one point I experienced a bad strain in my lower back.  (Anyone who has had lower back pain knows all too well how debilitating it can be!)  For a few days I was barely able to get up and walk.  

My mother had a friend who was a chiropractor and suggested we go to see him.  The pain pills given to me by my doctor weren’t helping much so I agreed, knowing absolutely nothing about what I was about to experience.

Not only did I receive a significant amount of relief for my back during that visit, but the doctor was able to help me with some other nagging issues as well.  It was my first introduction to viewing the body as a holistic system.  The idea that you could treat one area of the body and feel better in another area was a complete shock to me and I was extremely curious to learn more.  

Through that wonderful doctor, I was eventually led to the work of his teacher and my views on health and illness were changed forever.   

I’ll tell you more about him soon… but as much as I loved learning about this new approach to wellness, I had no intention of pursuing it as a profession.


All I ever really wanted to be was a film maker.


When I finally did go off to college, it was to study film … not play sports.  And I pursued it with a passion.  

After “paying my dues” for many years, I found myself working on some of the biggest films in Hollywood and with directors like Oliver Stone, Robert Redford and Mel Gibson.  

It was a great!  I was doing what I loved and making a pile of money at the same time.  What could be better than that?  Well… a lot, actually.  

You see, the hours and stress involved in that industry are nothing short of insane!  All the knowledge I had accumulated about how to care for my body was of little use when I didn’t even have time to sleep or eat properly.

My body was deteriorating right before my eyes and I knew I couldn’t keep this up much longer…

Then one day, just as I was about to complete the film I was working on, I was reintroduced to that great teacher I mentioned earlier.  He had this amazing technique that had helped me tremendously in the past.  For fifteen years I had wanted desperately to learn it myself.  The problem was, he only taught it to other doctors.


Normal guys like me didn’t stand a chance.


But I heard through the grapevine that he was finally opening it up to some lay people.  You have no idea how thrilled I was to hear this and I immediately signed up for his classes.  I even considered leaving Hollywood altogether to start a whole new career helping others.

Well… a few months later I was finally ready to try this brilliant technique out on someone else.  That person just happened to be my 89 year old grandmother in Sweden who was suffering a tremendous amount of pain.  

Imagine how devastated I was to find out I was not able to help her!

You see, there were certain phases of the technique that required a level of participation on her part… but she was in too much pain to do it. My efforts were over before I even got started. 

I was completely crushed!  


Still, I had to try something.  I thought of all the great principles my teacher had given me and just started improvising.  I didn’t look anything like the technique I had learned but I knew it couldn’t hurt so I just did what I could.

To my utter amazement, the intense pain my grandmother was experiencing in one part of her body completely vanished!  She couldn’t believe what was happening and I couldn’t explain it to her… because I didn’t even know what I had done myself! 

I finally left her that night, my mind oscillating between immense feelings of gratitude for being able to help someone so dear to me, and the excitement of having stumbled onto something with enormous implications.  

All the great stuff I had learned from my teacher still applied, yet somehow I had just found a way to get the same results using a method much simpler than I ever dreamed possible!  

In the years to come, I worked hard to test and refine this new technique until I was able to get those results with the bare minimum of effort and complexity. 

The result of that work is Cross+Lynk®.

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Cross+Lynk® is a simple, effective means to improve your energy flow and heal your body.  We recommend it to everyone.

Ronald Bradley, Director, Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia

Perhaps the greatest thing about Cross+Lynk® is that the potential applications are nearly endless. 


 Here are just a few of the many ways you can use this simple technique to enhance your life, or the lives of those in your family or community…


Parents & Children ...

  • Use Cross+Lynk® on a regular basis to help keep the health of your family at an optimal level.  It works great with children of all ages.
  • The alternative way to treat infants. You’ll be surprised to learn who might be the best person to work with in this case…  and it’s NOT the child!
  • If your kids are old enough, I highly encourage you to teach them to use Cross+Lynk® as well.  As long as they’re a certain size, they should have no difficulty learning and performing the technique.
  • Cross+Lynk® is fantastic to use during pregnancy.  The book explains why it’s safe and beneficial for both mother and child.

Health Professionals ...

  • Attention all Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Body/Energy Workers and healing professionals of all kinds… Taking just one minute to apply Cross+Lynk® to your client before beginning your session can enhance the effectiveness of the positive work you’re already doing.

I first used Cross+Lynk® on myself and I immediately experienced the relaxation and realignment in my own body. Then I tried it on some clients and could see the shift in their field. I primarily use Brennan techniques, and see how incorporating this simple maneuver with my clients has built upon and deepened the work.

Marijo Puleo, PhD, Executive Coach and Energy Healer - Belmar, NJ


Sports & Fitness ...

  • Using Cross+Lynk® both before and after workouts or events can help keep you performing at your peak and aid in recovery time.

Cross+Lynk® is an incredibly simple technique that can quickly help restore structural balance to your body.  As the co-founder of the world’s largest Parkour and Freerunning organization, I deal with world-class athletes on a daily basis. I believe Cross+Lynk® can be a tremendous tool to help keep the body well-tuned and performing at the highest level.  I’m more than happy to recommend it to WFPF members and anyone else looking for that extra edge in sports, fitness and overall health.

Victor Bevine, President, World Freerunning Parkour Federation - New York, NY


A Good Night's Rest ...

  • Many people suffer from occasional or chronic insomnia.  There are numerous things that can cause this condition and a qualified health professional can help to determine that for each individual.  But it can’t hurt to apply a technique that is designed to quickly ease a person out of the “Fight or Flight” mode, often caused by stress and anxiety.

The day before I sat down to create this web page, I received a call from a someone in Spain who used Cross+Lynk® to help a woman with a bad case of chronic insomnia.  For over a year this woman could not get to sleep without the use of strong pills.  She was constantly dealing with a high level of anxiety and even panic attacks.  

After receiving just one session, this woman immediately fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake for ten hours!  There wasn’t a single pill involved and the woman reported that she couldn’t even remember the last time she slept that well.  

I don’t even know who this woman is but the person who applied Cross+Lynk® to her informed me she wants to set up a video chat so both of them can thank me for this “miracle.”  

Of course, there’s nothing miraculous about it. But once you begin using this technique, you might find yourself just as stunned at some of the results.


I was first introduced to Cross+Lynk® during a time when I was healing from a severe allergic reaction to an environmental toxin that landed me in the hospital emergency room.  I removed myself from contact with that toxin and used the Cross+Lynk® technique to completely reverse the symptoms within a matter of days.  It is a “no brainer” to learn how to use this the technique, given how easy it is to implement and how powerful the results can be.

Devi Adea, Oceanside, CA

So, I have to ask you…


What would you be willing to pay to have this remarkable technique at your fingertips... ? 

Something so quick and easy to use it can be applied to anyone in almost any situation... ?

Well, the people who have experienced the power of Cross+Lynk® first hand have said they can’t even put a price on the relief they felt. 

Many said they happily would have given me several hundred dollars for this information!

Who knows how much this technique can save over a lifetime with reduced doctor visits alone?   

$197 would be more than fair for the potential to alleviate suffering and help recover faster from injury and illness… not just for you but your family and friends as well!

But, don’t worry!


I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that.

Sure, I spent many years and thousands of dollars researching, testing and developing this technique and I think it’s fair to ask for some return on that investment.  But I didn’t start this work to make a ton of cash. 

I started this journey because I was desperate to feel better myself.  

Now that I have been blessed to discover this remarkable method, I want to help as many people receive the same benefits that so many others have been fortunate enough to experience.

So... I’m not going to charge $197

I’m not even going to charge $127!



You see, I’m so excited that this is finally coming out that I really feel like celebrating… and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join the celebration!

So, if you order the Cross+Lynk® eBook today, you can have it for the special “Launch” price of only…


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I want you to be completely satisfied with this purchase!  If you are unhappy with Cross+Lynk® for any reason, feel free to return it within 60 days of purchase for a FULL refund…  No hassles & No questions asked!


Christer Carlson has done an amazing job of bringing a powerful “healing” technique to a worldwide audience. Cross+Lynk® is a revelation - it is easy to learn, simple to apply and has an extremely beneficial effect. My wife and I use Cross+Lynk® with each other to renew our energy and restore balance to our lives. I highly recommend his system for anyone in possession of a human body - believe me, your body will thank you!

Ron Franklin, Emmy® Award Winning Video Producer - San Diego, CA

Just in case you might still be “on the fence” about this purchase, I also want to tell you of an added BONUS that I’m including… at no extra cost!

The Cross+Lynk® Basic Technique eBook provides all the information you’ll need to begin using this remarkable system immediately. 

However, I realize there are certain concepts that are much easier to understand when you can actually see them being performed.

That’s why I’m also including several, instructional HD videos to go along with the book!

They were professionally produced and directed by “yours truly” with a maximum effort to make them as clear as possible.  (I did away with all the fancy camera angles and quick cuts that I might have used in a Hollywood movie in order to make them easy to view and understand.)  The videos are succinct and to the point.  

No extra fluff…  Just great information that will help you master this technique as quickly as possible!

Free Bonus #1

6 High Definition Videos

Instantly Downloadable!

I first met Christer many years ago when we worked on a feature film project together.  He called me again a while back to ask if I’d be interested in filming a video for a new health technique he had developed.  A few days later we met in my Los Angeles office to discuss the project.  At the time I had just completed a very intense shoot on a documentary for the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and lugging the large camera around for so long caused a severe strain in my shoulder.  The pain was so intense that I couldn’t even lift my arm over my head.  

After seeing my discomfort, Christer said perhaps it would be easier to demonstrate the technique rather than just talk about it so he gave me a Cross+Lynk® session right there in my office.  Let me say right off the bat that I was extremely skeptical that something so simple could make a difference but when I woke up the next day the pain was completely gone!  Needless to say, I was more than happy to participate in the video shoot after that experience.  

I told him I first had to attend to some business in New York but could return in a couple weeks to do the job.  Then, on the day before I planned to fly back to California, I was hit by an unmarked police car in the streets of Manhattan and had to spend several hours in the hospital.  Fortunately, I didn’t suffer any serious injuries but my whole body was in terrible pain.  I called Christer to tell him what happened and he was very understanding.  The location and crew were all booked for two days later but he said he would gladly cancel if I needed more time.  I knew it would cause a lot of difficulties for him to postpone the shoot so the next day I somehow managed to get onto a plane for L.A.  

Early the next morning we started setting up the equipment but my body still felt awful.  In my mind I honestly didn’t know how I would make it through the day.  Christer offered to give me another treatment before we went any further and within minutes my pain was reduced dramatically!  Because of that I was able to work all day and complete the shoot on schedule.  It still took me some time to fully recover from my injuries but there’s no question that Cross+Lynk® made a huge difference that day.

David Hausen, Award Winning Cinematographer/Producer, Surreal Films - New York, NY

But there is one more item I want to tell you about…  

Normally I would charge separately for this but it’s yours for free if you order now!

You see, as much as I enjoy both giving and receiving Cross+Lynk®, there are times when there’s no one around to share it with.  I realized early on in my research that this would present a problem if I felt like I was really in need of some help.

So, after much research and testing…

I perfected a self-administered method that would provide the same benefits as the basic Cross+Lynk®. Fittingly, I call it the Cross+Lynk® Solo Technique and it’s even simpler and faster to perform than the original!

Free Bonus #2

Cross+Lynk® Solo Technique eBook

I have been using Solo Cross+Lynk® for a few months now for healing purposes and to improve athletic performance. I'm an endurance athlete who also happens to be going through a certain change of life. Cross+Lynk® has successfully helped me balance my hormones, feel more energized, speed up recovery, sleep better, and enhance athletic performance. I also use Solo Cross+Lynk® during meditation. The "sigh of relief" that I feel in my body during the second stage of the process is incredible... like a jumbled mess of electrons suddenly coming into perfect alignment. I can say without reservation that Cross+Lynk® works in ways I'm aware of and, I'm sure, in ways I've yet to discover!

Jarmila Gorman, Mom, Ultra-Distance Cyclist, Freelance Writer, Photographer - Colorado, USA -

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  • The Cross+Lynk® Basic Technique eBook that clearly lays out the whole system!
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Buy With Confidence!  I’m certain that you are going to really going to enjoy this product.  But I don’t want you to risk anything!  Remember… if you’re not happy with Cross+Lynk® for any reason, feel free to contact us within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.  

The Cross+Lynk® eBook and all the bonus material will be available for direct download once your purchase is made. Adobe Acrobat Reader & Quicktime or VLC Media Player are required to view the material. These applications are available for free and the product download page will provide you with links to access them.

Because of the high quality of the bonus videos, it may take some time to download all the products.  You can probably expect about 3-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet service.  The combined size of all the files is just over 180 MB so a complete download may not be suitable for all handheld devices.

If you have any questions prior to purchase, please feel free to contact us at:

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